Welcome to the Freedom After Neoliberalism Project

Freedom After Neoliberalism is based at the University of York, UK. Established in 2015 by Dr Adam Kelly (York) and Dr Alex Beaumont (York St. John), the group is currently co-organised by Harrie Neal, Adam Bristow-Smith, and Joe Rollins (all University of York). We meet regularly as a reading group and also organise guest lectures once or twice a term. Please see the menu tabs for forthcoming speaker events and the schedule for the reading group.

The Project

Over the last three decades, the rise of the socio-political formation widely referred to as neoliberalism has seen a particular model of freedom – the freedom of free markets, property rights and entrepreneurial self-ownership – gain prominence in a variety of ways around the globe.

More recently, there has been a surge in critical activity around neoliberalism, which has led to the emergence of an increasingly settled understanding of its political, economic and cultural mechanics. Most critiques, however – whether undertaken from a Marxist, Foucauldian, or sociological-historical perspective – have proven reluctant to engage neoliberalism on the territory that it has so conspicuously made its own: namely, freedom.

This project aims to rethink, re-evaluate and perhaps renovate the many meanings of freedom beyond its limited economic function in neoliberal theory and practice, and to imagine what freedom might look like in a world beyond neoliberalism.

– Adam Kelly (University of York) and Alex Beaumont (York St John University)


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